The Lost Heir of Neverwinter

7/21/12 - A Scaly Welcome

The party continued on to Neverwinter, arriving just after dusk. They were greeted, if not enthusiastically, by General Sabine, commander of the Mintarn Mercenaries who serve as Neverwinter’s militia and guard. After passing muster well enough to get into the city, the party crashed at the Beached Leviathan in the harbor. There they met Len-Jes, a watersoul genasi who oversees the city’s harbor and most of its trade for Lord Neverember.

In the morning they set out and explore the Protector’s Enclave district, eventually ending up at a small market near the river. They talked to Dranar Coppernight, a purveyor of armor and other protective gear, and Jarvy, a halfling who sells meats, sweets, and gossip all for the same price. However, conversation is interrupted by a plaguechanged attack, who stream out of the sewers and climb up out of the river. The party and the local guards help fight the bunch off, and they are joined mid-skirmish by a crowned and heavily armored fighter who seems to appear from nowhere. Bystanders seem to think the stranger wears the Lost Crown of Neverwinter and wonder if the figure is the mythical lost heir to the Neverwinter throne that so many have theorized about. After a brief respite, a plaguechanged white dragon appears from east of the Protector’s Enclave, bent on as much destruction as possible. The Lost Heir appears to attempt to influence the dragon with the magic of the crown, but the party falls upon the beast before much can be done. Fighting together with the Lost Heir, the party weakens the dragon enough for the Heir to use the magic of the crown again, this time to petrify the beast. Bystanders proclaim the Heir (and to a lesser extent, the party) a hero.

Technical: Defeated 2 Plaguechanged Guard Drakes, 5 Plaguechanged Monsters, 1 Plaguechanged White Dragon, 1050 XP total, 350 XP per player

Present: Krinkle, Stout, Mordin



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