The Lost Heir of Neverwinter

7/7/12 - On the road to Neverwinter

The party began the campaign on the High Road to Neverwinter from Leilon, all present for different reasons. Most of the trip is uneventful, but late in the afternoon about a day out from Neverwinter, the party runs into a kobold ambush. The party defeated the kobolds, the last of whom ran eastwards, towards Neverwinter Wood.

After regrouping, the party continued a few miles further before camping for the night about a day’s walk from the gates of Neverwinter.

Technical: Defeated 2 Kobold Dragonshields, 1 Kobold Slinger, 5 Kobold Minions. 500 XP total, 125 XP per player.

Present: Krinkle, Stout, Mordin, Red Wizard



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