The Lost Heir of Neverwinter

A Dwarven Rescue

The party found themselves in an abandoned barn at nightfall, hiding from a circling young white dragon, whose ire they drew in Coppernight Hold. Once the dragon retreated, they bedded down for the night. However, they were discovered in the night by a scouting party of kobolds sent by the dragon to find the intruders. One kobold escaped, but the party decided to regroup and return to the hold to finish the job. They encountered a single, pitiful kobold youth guarding the ruins. Kork put up an admirable resistance, but he was left unconscious and bound at the top of the site while the party descended.

Encountering the white dragon wyrmling once again, he party this time easily got the best of her. Exploring the new tunnels leading off from her lair, they came upon a strange scene in the foreman’s office. A tall, gray-skinned, and strangely decorated lady stood over a shattered, previously well-cut stone. Taunting the party with their ignorance of her purpose, she disappeared, her work there apparently done. The party recovered a torn note and a small shard from the broken stone, which together gave them some clues about the true nature of the dragon’s presence here.

Finally, the party found and released Kavalar Coppernight and what remained of his prospecting team from their imprisonment. One of the dwarves, Woden, was severely injured, bearing a large and infected gash across his abdomen, no doubt at the hands of Ka’trix. Kavalar told the party his account of their imprisonment and thanked them for their aid by presenting them with a bag of residuum powder, which they had been forced to mine under the dragon’s rule.

And then, with a party of beleaguered dwarves and a captured kobold in tow, the party began the midnight trek back to Neverwinter. The trip passed uneventfully until several miles outside of Neverwinter, when the party witnessed three twinkling objects fall from the heavens into the city.

Technical: Defeated 3 kobold minions, 1 kobold dragonshield, 1 kobold wyrmpriest, 1 skirmisher, and Ka’trix the young white dragon wyrmling, 1800 XP total, 600 XP per player

Party received: 1 sack of magical residuum, 1 unknown stone shard, 1 torn note signed “Cl”, 1 oil lantern

Present: Krinkle, Stout, Mordin



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