The Lost Heir of Neverwinter

Search for the Shards, pt. 2

Arriving back at the Beached Leviathan with the second shard secured, the party found a somewhat tense scene. The bar was unusually full of increasingly drunk and increasingly rowdy sellswords loyal to the Lost Heir. The party talked briefly with Harrag, who explained that the rambunctious patrons had been showing him no love for his history with Lord Neveremeber. After the group had some success in calming down the sellswords, General Sabine and a small retinue appeared with a meeting request from Neverember himself. At this, the group of rowdy patrons turned on the heroes. Many broken chairs, tankards, and plates later, the sellswords lay unconscious on the floor, snoring into their spilled drink.

Escorted to the Hall of Justice by Sabine, the party was quickly ushered into a well-decorated and well-stocked audience chamber. Lord Neverember himself arrived shortly and introduced himself to the heroes. After thanking them for their service to the city so far, he explained the precarious state of the city to the group, and highlighted the special problem the sudden appearance of an unidentified and uncredited “Lost Heir” posed to the stability and safety of the rebuilding city. With the promise of a substantial reward and some assistance in their quest to retrieve the fallen shards, Neverember persuaded the party to investigate the Lost Heir, discern his identity, and identify the legitimacy of his claim to the throne. He gave each of them a badge marking them as on official business of New Neverwinter and a cash advance on their reward. The party returned to their rooms for the evening.

At dawn, they arrived at the Wall with the intention of discovering and retrieving the first shard of Selune. The party met with Deegan, the volunteer in charge of this shift at the Wall, who explained that the obviously magical shard lay not 100 feet beyond the wall, but had attracted large groups of plaguechanged aberrations since it landed. The conversation was cut short, however, as warnings of cloaked figures approaching the wall from Chasm-side rang out just before an explosion destroyed a section of the wall! With plaguechanged monstrosities threatening the breach, the heroes charged into the ruined section of the city to drive back the creatures and obtain the shard. With some assistance from Neverember’s supplied mercenary crossbowmen, the group fought through growing waves of mindless, blue-flame-imbued creatures, grabbed the shard, and retreated back to the breach.

With the creatures pushed back and the wall resecured, the group made to depart the scene. Deegan, apparently recognizing Mordin as a Harper agent, held the minotaur back for a brief conversation. Introducing himself as a member of the Greycloak faction of the Sons of Alagondar rebel group, he explained his group’s purpose in the city and invited Mordin to the next meeting, held regularly in the Driftwood Tavern in Blacklake. As thanks for their exceptional actions at the Wall and as a sign of good faith, he gifted the group an old and well-used, but apparently magical, weapon.—

Technical: Defeated 2 guard drakes, 2 Nothic mindwarps, 12 plaguechanged humans, 6 bar brawlers, 1380 XP total, 460 XP per character present

Party Received: First Shard of Selune, Unidentified magic maul +1, 1 New Neverwinter Badge per person, 100 gp advance from Neverember per person

Present: Mordin, Stout, Krinkle



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