The Lost Heir of Neverwinter

A Dwarven Rescue

The party found themselves in an abandoned barn at nightfall, hiding from a circling young white dragon, whose ire they drew in Coppernight Hold. Once the dragon retreated, they bedded down for the night. However, they were discovered in the night by a scouting party of kobolds sent by the dragon to find the intruders. One kobold escaped, but the party decided to regroup and return to the hold to finish the job. They encountered a single, pitiful kobold youth guarding the ruins. Kork put up an admirable resistance, but he was left unconscious and bound at the top of the site while the party descended.

Encountering the white dragon wyrmling once again, he party this time easily got the best of her. Exploring the new tunnels leading off from her lair, they came upon a strange scene in the foreman’s office. A tall, gray-skinned, and strangely decorated lady stood over a shattered, previously well-cut stone. Taunting the party with their ignorance of her purpose, she disappeared, her work there apparently done. The party recovered a torn note and a small shard from the broken stone, which together gave them some clues about the true nature of the dragon’s presence here.

Finally, the party found and released Kavalar Coppernight and what remained of his prospecting team from their imprisonment. One of the dwarves, Woden, was severely injured, bearing a large and infected gash across his abdomen, no doubt at the hands of Ka’trix. Kavalar told the party his account of their imprisonment and thanked them for their aid by presenting them with a bag of residuum powder, which they had been forced to mine under the dragon’s rule.

And then, with a party of beleaguered dwarves and a captured kobold in tow, the party began the midnight trek back to Neverwinter. The trip passed uneventfully until several miles outside of Neverwinter, when the party witnessed three twinkling objects fall from the heavens into the city.

Technical: Defeated 3 kobold minions, 1 kobold dragonshield, 1 kobold wyrmpriest, 1 skirmisher, and Ka’trix the young white dragon wyrmling, 1800 XP total, 600 XP per player

Party received: 1 sack of magical residuum, 1 unknown stone shard, 1 torn note signed “Cl”, 1 oil lantern

Present: Krinkle, Stout, Mordin

To Coppernight Hold!

At the start of the session, the party stood in the wrecked market square, newly decorated with a life-size white dragon statue, petrified by the supposed Lost Heir. The Heir thanked the party for their assistance and gave each of them an an amethyst badge to serve as a token of his appreciation and a symbol of his cause before departing quickly. The party’s participation in the fracas did not go unnoticed by Sabine, who seemed surprised at the party’s capabilities.

That night a dwarven acquaintance of the party, Dranar Coppernight, came in desperation to the heroes at their rooms at the Beached Leviathan. He told the story of how his brother Kavalar had taken a dwarven prospecting team out to the ruins of a fort some miles outside the city, having heard an untapped mine was hidden beneath it. His party was sponsored by Lord Neverember and had been sending regular status updates back to his brother and the city, but nothing had been heard in weeks. Dranar, with some help from Len-Jes, convinced the party to investigate.

Setting out to the east in the morning, the party arrived at the site to find a kobold clan had apparently taken over, with none of Kavalar’s team to be found! Hacking through many kobolds on their way down into the intact lower level of the fort, the party discovered that a young white dragon was in charge of the operation. At a substantial disadvantage, the party fled the site to take refuge in an abandoned but nearby barn. Even now the dragon wheels overhead less than a mile away. Searching for them.

Technical: Defeated 8 Kobold Minions, 3 Kobold Slingers, 2 Kobold Dragonshields, 1 Kobold Skirmisher, 1 Kobold Wyrmpriest, 1000 XP, 250 XP per player

Present: Krinkle, Stout, Mordin, Illusionist Wizard

7/21/12 - A Scaly Welcome

The party continued on to Neverwinter, arriving just after dusk. They were greeted, if not enthusiastically, by General Sabine, commander of the Mintarn Mercenaries who serve as Neverwinter’s militia and guard. After passing muster well enough to get into the city, the party crashed at the Beached Leviathan in the harbor. There they met Len-Jes, a watersoul genasi who oversees the city’s harbor and most of its trade for Lord Neverember.

In the morning they set out and explore the Protector’s Enclave district, eventually ending up at a small market near the river. They talked to Dranar Coppernight, a purveyor of armor and other protective gear, and Jarvy, a halfling who sells meats, sweets, and gossip all for the same price. However, conversation is interrupted by a plaguechanged attack, who stream out of the sewers and climb up out of the river. The party and the local guards help fight the bunch off, and they are joined mid-skirmish by a crowned and heavily armored fighter who seems to appear from nowhere. Bystanders seem to think the stranger wears the Lost Crown of Neverwinter and wonder if the figure is the mythical lost heir to the Neverwinter throne that so many have theorized about. After a brief respite, a plaguechanged white dragon appears from east of the Protector’s Enclave, bent on as much destruction as possible. The Lost Heir appears to attempt to influence the dragon with the magic of the crown, but the party falls upon the beast before much can be done. Fighting together with the Lost Heir, the party weakens the dragon enough for the Heir to use the magic of the crown again, this time to petrify the beast. Bystanders proclaim the Heir (and to a lesser extent, the party) a hero.

Technical: Defeated 2 Plaguechanged Guard Drakes, 5 Plaguechanged Monsters, 1 Plaguechanged White Dragon, 1050 XP total, 350 XP per player

Present: Krinkle, Stout, Mordin

7/7/12 - On the road to Neverwinter

The party began the campaign on the High Road to Neverwinter from Leilon, all present for different reasons. Most of the trip is uneventful, but late in the afternoon about a day out from Neverwinter, the party runs into a kobold ambush. The party defeated the kobolds, the last of whom ran eastwards, towards Neverwinter Wood.

After regrouping, the party continued a few miles further before camping for the night about a day’s walk from the gates of Neverwinter.

Technical: Defeated 2 Kobold Dragonshields, 1 Kobold Slinger, 5 Kobold Minions. 500 XP total, 125 XP per player.

Present: Krinkle, Stout, Mordin, Red Wizard


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