The Lost Heir of Neverwinter

Search for the Shards, pt. 3

Returning from the incident at the Wall, the party was stopped by a messenger from Kavalar Coppernight, who relayed to them that work on Mordin’s pick was finished. Not moments after the messenger departed, they were hailed by an unfamiliar brunette half-elf who shortly introduced herself as Seldra Tylmarande, a spy in Lord Neverember’s service. Apparently recognizing the heroes as the same ones who helped the Lost Heir defeat the plaguechanged white dragon in the marketplace, she spoke to them about the virtues of the Lost Heir and her desire that they consider openly supporting him instead of Lord Neverember, who she considers to be dangerous and bent on setting himself up as a tyrant. The party agrees to work on her current assignment for Neverember in order to free her up to locate the Lost Heir and put him in touch with the party.

Newly tasked with a mission to uncover the source of the sabotage at the Wall, the party made their way to the Coppernight’s shop to pick up Mordin’s fire-enchanted pick and in the process learned that the maul that Deegan gifted them is indeed magical.

Errand complete, the party entered the river district in search of information about the third shard of Selune. They found the area nearly entirely walled off from the Blacklake district, but managed to finagle their way past the group of orcs guarding one of the few checkpointed entrances to the district. Making their way through the mostly ruined district, they shortly found what appeared to be the primary gathering point in the area: the Fallen Tower. This ruined mage tower-turned-tavern appeared to be run and patronized nearly entirely by the Many-Arrows tribe of orcs, who have made the district their home.

Through talking to and participating in contests with the Many-Arrows orcs, the party managed to gain favor with the orcs’ leader Vansi and find out that the third shard had fallen straight into the Shard of Night, a ruined section of tower that floats unknown above the river district. The party even gained secured the orcs’ help in reaching the Shard, which they set out towards shortly. The party recovered the final tear of Selune despite encountering resistance from wisps and wraiths made of shadowstuff, as well as a enraged barbarian-werewolf. In the process they destroyed what appeared to be a portal linking the Shard to an unknown (but familiar) forest clearing where some sort of enormous, ancient archaeological dig seemed to be taking place. This ominous vision prominent in their minds, the party now begins their return down to the city.

Technical: Bypassed 2 orc savages, 2 orc archers. Befriended the Many-Arrows Orcs. Defeated 4 wisp wraiths, 2 shadow stalkers, 1 frenzied werewolf, 1300 XP total, 433 XP per character present.

Party Received: Third Shard of Selune, +1 flaming heavy war pick, +1 maul (unidentified)

Present: Mordin, Stout, Krinkle—



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